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20 July 2004 - 6:31 p.m.

i want an alpaca and i want it now!

not much to report here, except that i want an alpaca desperately, thanks to a visit to bendigo on the weekend. too bad i live in an apartment the size of a shoebox.

work is stressful as usual, and i think i'm starting to go back into the sickness cycle rather than get out of it, as much as i hate to say it.

i stayed home today just to edit stories for work because there's that much to do. i got so much work done the last time i tried this, and miko was the only one who could come into my "office" and pester me. well i woke up this morning feeling like crap again, like i'm back to square one. the difference is that i now recognise the stress when it hits and how my body reacts to it, instead of thinking it's purely the fault of a virus.

i had a nap today to see if i could shake it off and get some work done. i woke up four hours later after having a dream that the pixies played saturday night live. only it wasn't the actual SNL studio but some outdoor place, and there were 20-year-old boys everywhere. they started with "here comes your man" and each band member ran out while the song was starting. they hadn't soundchecked either, so the beginning was crap and staggered (the microphones weren't on at first), but people kept clapping the whole time. then they couldn't get off the stage, so they played some made-up-in-erin's-head song called "electrical dream". i remember telling my brother terry, who was there (of course), "oh, i hate this song." hmmm...

movies i have seen recently:
triplets of belleville (awesome)
the station agent (very, very good)
gothika (good scariness but crrrr-appy plotline)

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