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10 September 2004 - 6:12 p.m.

my latest wall art: a collection of polaroids taken over the past few years, framed in empty polaroid film containers. i've only just rounded up all of the polaroids and film containers in one place, thanks to a forced cleaning prompted by tax time. in a great stroke of luck, blu-tac is strong enough to hold them up, so i don't have to ask permission to put 13 nails in the wall.

i should also mention that sticking these pictures on the wall was the extent of my physical activity on sunday - i was pretty proud that i was able to accomplish anything at all.

move your mouse over the image below to learn more about each picture.

Port Melbourne beach, just after New Year's Day

Norwalk Dairy, Norwalk, California (on the way to my sister's dorm room)

Fifth Street, San Francisco, as stamped into the sidewalk

Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, California - marquis reads YOU ARE HERE

Bay Bridge, San Francisco - I have reason to believe I took this picture while driving (let's hope there was a traffic jam)

my favorite picture of Darren Hanlon (and an anonymous hand), taken at Ernie's in Columbia, Missouri

Talbot, Victoria, taken when we stayed there on our first wedding anniversary

the nose of the famous Luna Park face in St Kilda, taken from upside down

possibly the church across the street from our place now (this photo will be the first to go when I find a suitable replacement)

Festus, a statue in Old Town Clovis, California

probably St Kilda beach - either the weather was crappy or the camera settings were way, way off

probably St Kilda beach

some bar in Melbourne CBD on the night of Katrina's 21st

it's a new era for me: i purchased our last batch of groceries online. before you snigger, this has been a long time coming. we're both really busy and often tired and/or stressed from work, and doing the big grocery shop has reached the same level of motivation as cleaning the kitty litter after an extended period. we always seem to need groceries when we're both exhausted, i'm on deadline, or right before payday. since we buy most of the same stuff every time (same brands, same sizes), i figured i'd give it a try.

it was too easy. i ordered 25 things, including a bit of everything to test out the service. it takes only a bit of getting used to, like deciding how many individual bananas you want, rather than asking for a bunch. the only mishaps were a too-small container of orange juice (my fault), no soy milk (sime's preferred brand was out of stock) and a random addition of frozen fish fillets w/ thai fish sauce (a hint to the vegetarian household, perhaps?), which they didn't charge us for. i think they must've been stuck to our frozen peas.

the delivery is next-day and within a two-hour window, and the surcharge is only $4.95. the best part is that you can tally your purchases online, so you know exactly how much you'll be spending, and you can save your old shopping lists and just get the same stuff every time (or change it up a bit). it's not like we're paying oodles to have someone clean our apartment, yet it saves so much time (and saves us from must-eat-out-due-to-empty-cupboards syndrome).

my mom's christmas scarf is almost finished, and then it's on to my sister-in-law's. the handknitted christmas is going ok so far, but it's not like i've been to work at all this week, so i've had plenty of couch time. i might not be so keen on the idea in another two weeks.

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