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31 August 2004 - 6:24 p.m.

elgin street laundrette

i was going to tell you all about how good i felt, but i waited too long to update, apparently.

i was actually 95% myself for about three weeks (and the doctor said my lymph nodes had shrunk down to normal on friday), but i think i overdid it - by walking, of all the crazy things - and am now feeling kinda crappy again. the doc actually said, "don't overdo it," and i was thinking in my head that it was too late. stupid, stupid. but it's so hard to know when to rest when you finally feel great after two solid months of not and don't notice anything until after you've gone on a walk, for ONLY 15 MINUTES. sheesh.

my arthritis has been acting up in my left knee, too. it was so bad last night that none of my tricks (ice pack, painkillers, hour-long bath) worked. i told sime to replace me because i appear to be defective. (the knee is ok today.)

sorry to anyone who's been trying to see me, but i've only had time to rest (no, seriously) and play catch-up when i'm not working on two big projects for work (besides my usual lot of work).


mrs. t had her 69th birthday on sunday, and this time she managed to stay out of hospital. her 83-year-old housemate asked me for the second week in a row if i'd gained weight lately. i told him his question was completely inappropriate to ask any woman and that i don't have a scale so i don't keep track. he made an angry comment that i should because that's the reason i'm not getting any modelling jobs. hmmm. as long as i feel ok and my pants zip up, i usually don't care. i have grown a bit of a tummy from not being able to exercise and walk around, which is driving me crazy. but an 83-year-old man telling me i need to lose weight??? how weird.


members of a certain religious organisation came to my apartment today. i told them very politely that i was home sick and didn't feel up to talking to anyone (true), and they asked if there was anything they could do. i said "no, thank you", and i soon heard them knocking on neighbours' doors.

what is the best response in this situation, if you know enough about said religion to know it's not for you? i don't want to make up lies or just say something generic like "i'm not interested", but i also don't want to have a discussion about religion when i feel ill and have just woken up from a nap (also true). i know they must be used to much more abrupt responses than mine, and if it was a telemarketer - also uninvited - i'd have no problem hanging up. i really don't want to offend, though, and i respect their beliefs. i wonder what their ideal version of "not interested" would be.

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