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07 July 2004 - 8:09 p.m.

my favorite floor - on the way to the kino cinemas in melbourne cbd

it's always something with me.

i did not feel sick today, so i should be glad. however, it all went downhill when i fell out of the bathtub while taking a shower. no shower doors here - it's a bathtub with a shower curtain for a screen, and i fell over the side, backwards, taking the shower curtain and the soap with me. thank goodness i didn't crack open my head, which is what i was sincerely frightened would happen in the midst of the fall. an extra thank goodness that i landed on the thick bathmat. and an extra, extra thanks that osteoporotic me didn't break anything.

i've been wearing icepacks inside my pants all day. fun. but back to this morning: after picking me up off the bathmat (i landed in quite a strange position and had to yell for help), simon mentioned that he nearly slipped in the tub last week, as had i. he thought it might be a result of the increased frequency of his bathtub cleanings. HELLO! like anyone else's husband could be accused of cleaning too much.

well, i'll tell you, no one is ever cleaning the bathtub again. or at least not until i get some really cool decals to line the bottom. does anyone know fun ones, either in australia or available over the web? drop me a line, please.

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