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26 July 2004 - 9:43 p.m.

and this sign is instructing us to do what, exactly?

i am not dead. my throat and head are not *quite* as bad as they were the past week, but the big bonus is that i'm not cranky anymore. i seem to get a lot more done when i'm not cranky, no matter how sick i feel. yay naturopathy for getting rid of the crankiness if nothing else.

i got a new employee today, and i think she's going to work out well. that should take some of the heat off at work.

i've also been pretty excited about our upcoming anniversary (two years after the wedding but seven years from our first date) and the extended weekend away that we're planning for it. each time i think we've narrowed down the choices, we think of somewhere else we'd like to go, too. i think this means we need to take lots and lots of little road trips instead of bottling up our travel fever for sooooo long. anyhoo, i'm waiting to hear back from this place about prices because, really, what right-minded vegetarian (and her formerly vegan hubby) wouldn't be intrigued?

the Most Exciting News Award goes to this man, though, for finally getting off his ass and booking a tour in australia, after years of not-so-subtle voicemail messages left by yours truly. simon has met him and taken care of his cat, but he's never seen him perform live - how good is it that we get two shows in melbourne, one of which is down the street from where we live?

it's enough to make a girl forget why she was so unbelievably cranky in the first place.

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