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16 June 2004 - 6:51 p.m.

i got in trouble for taking this photo. i promised it was for personal use only, but i couldn't help but spread the glory of egg pant to the rest of the world. just don't tell anyone you saw it, ok?

feeling better (a bit) and not so drunk. i mean not so jittery. more and more crazy stuff keeps happening at work, but i'm laughing about it more lately, rather than increasing the size of my ulcer (and lymph nodes).

i am contemplating 10 sessions of yoga, which start next week in my neighborhood. i've never been excited about the thought of yoga, but this offer is not too expensive (i can't afford pilates!), and changes need to happen around here, in many ways.

remember the pink pocket scarf from the last entry? well, i finished the hat to go with it. i meant for it to have pointy bits on each side, but they're rounder than i anticipated, so they look like ears. pink piggy ears, in fact.

oink, oink.

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