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10 June 2004 - 8:10 p.m.

peter garrett is dancing on my tv screen right now - no, not on the news but thanks to this fabulous midnight oil dvd that simon brought home from work. there are few people who can flail their arms more spectacularly than mr garrett. if he and michael stipe (and maybe morrissey) had a dance contest, i would pay an obscene amount of money for a ticket, yessiree.

this is the second time i've been captivated by music videos recently. i got suckered into watching rage on saturday night, after nearly passing out at my brother-in-law's going-away party and feeling too out of it to go to bed. grandaddy were the guest programmers, and i swear they raided my entire music collection (and jo-anne's, as well) to get ideas. they played some of my favorite videos (pavement's cut your hair, where someone's sneeze turns into a cat - hilarious) and tons of great picks from the pixies, the smiths, xtc, prince, you name it. i've never been so captivated. just when i thought it was safe to go to bed, they started playing old inxs videos [sigh]. i didn't get to sleep until 1.30 am, which is at least three hours past my normal bedtime. had i stayed up, i would have seen neil finn and the flaming lips (not together, of course).

the next day i still felt like i was going to pass out, even when sitting on the couch. i didn't make it to mrs t's, and i missed the wool expo, too (argh!). simon eventually ending up taking me to st vincent's hospital that night, only to find out - surprise - that i have a virus and am just unwell. what a no-brainer.

i went back to the doctor on tuesday, who basically gave up and offered to send me to a naturopath to build up my immune system.

the short update is that the voodoo potion (kidding) that the naturopath mixed up has given me more energy and made me happier, even though i have the same sore throat and aches. i'm just less cranky and can actually function at work. then there are the wobbly legs and hands. turns out the reason i'm so happy is because i'm also semi-drunk: the herbs are suspended in a solution of alcohol and water - because i'm so tiny, rundown and never drink alcohol, ever, it's having a big effect. let's hope taking the "potion" with food helps the jitters, eh?

one good outcome of me being sick for so long is this scarf, which i've dubbed "pink popcorn".

i scrapped the other one and began working on this. it's so comfortable that i've actually napped in it, twice. the pockets are the perfect size, and the giant buttons (from chapel street bazaar) keep them closed when i don't need to be stuffing my hands in them to keep warm.

so successful that i think i might knit another, but perhaps when my drunken streak is over.

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