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04 June 2004 - 1:36 p.m.

i am so bored.

this is the fifth weekday in a row that i've stayed home, in an attempt to recuperate. i'm starting to feel like i'm in prison. daytime tv is awful, and i'm sick of knitting this scarf.

it's my own creation - an idea i had to teach myself three new skills: bias knitting, eyelets (the cute little polka dots) and picot edging (the frilly black bit at the bottom).

you knit it like normal, but, because of a few clever increases and decreases, the scarf ends up on the diagonal. i made it extra wide because this yarn rolls like crazy.

i'm sick of the colors, and i think i like the back better.

i will try to finish, but this is not easy, given the fact that each stripe takes me approximately half an hour to knit (not including time spent fixing mistakes).

i have definitely learned the techiniques i set out to learn, but i don't want to look at it anymore. if i still hate the colors when i'm finished (it's mostly the pink that's getting to me), i'll dye it in some black tea to tone it down. and if i still hate it, i'll just have to figure out a way to get rid of it. or, since i overestimated the amount of yarn i would need, knit a similarly ugly hat and mittens to go with it!

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