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22 June 2004 - 6:08 p.m.

i live next door to this place:

when miko is allowed to run outside for some fresh air, she sometimes come back looking like a grease monkey. it's pretty obvious that she's been here, but what, exactly, has she been doing?

we've seen her jump and splash in puddles before (even leisurely sitting in puddles), but who knows how she got a big grease patch below her ear last time. i don't even want to know.

i am way past deadline for this paper but can't pull my old "let's drink coffee and stay up until midnight" craziness. unfortunately. i was in a hair show on sunday (my "faux-hawk" is bluish green at the moment), and just the cigarette smoke from the tail-end of the show and my 15-second sprint to catch a tram (i caught it!) caused me to be a zombie by the time i got home. feeling better? check. back to being superwoman? no.

today was great because i had so much copy editing to do that i did it all at home. sometimes home can be distracting, but right now it's so much easier to work here than to be invaded by the constant, ridiculous phone calls and the unannounced office visits. the apartment was warm, i made a pot of tea, took a walk at lunchtime (not so long as to render me a zombie again) and popped a bowl of popcorn with my favorite seasonings. i'm pretty proud of myself because i got a ton of work done, and i don't feel absolutely shattered. i'm seriously rethinking my upcoming computer purchase at work - maybe i should go for the more expensive laptop instead?

i made these funny icons last week when i was too achey to move out my chair. i was limited to the choices available, but i was surprised by how much they actually look like simon and me:

i might have to make mine again, with an updated hair color, of course.

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