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15 November 2003 - 8:32 a.m.

i need to go to the post office this morning. the post office is only open between 10 am and noon on saturday, and it is currently 8.30. did i mention i'm in the middle of a violent hayfever attack?

well, the chemist is right across the street from the post office, so there's no point in me walking 15 minutes each way to the chemist right now if i'll have to head back again, sneezing all the way, to retrieve the book that is waiting for me at the post office.

this wouldn't be such a big deal if this book wasn't so important. it was used as a textbook in my classes in both countries, and many people refer to it as "the bible". it is incredibly handy and easy to use, and worth every penny, i might add. so imagine my surprise when i was appointed editor and designer of this new newspaper, as well as the only person in the office building who knows remotely anything about design. i have no one to talk to when i get stuck on something. and i can't find my copy of the book to help me out.

i looked everywhere. my best guess is that i stupidly left it in california, but it would be much too difficult for my mom to hunt down. i did the next best thing and ordered a new one from amazon. i am counting this as a necessary work purchase. good thing there's a new and improved edition out since i bought the first one, so i don't feel like too much of a chump.

in the meantime, allow me to get reacquainted with my box of kleenex.


after shooting a horribly conservative and cheesy clothing campaign yesterday (winter clothing in 30-degree heat, i might add), i rewarded myself by buying yet another beautiful piece from bookbinders design on toorak road. yum.

i can't believe i'm just now putting our wedding albums together. the guest book of polaroids is finished (amazing, i must say), and i'm finalizing the volume of color photographs now. i'm using square-shaped ring binders covered in different shades of gorgeous fabric - you can buy the pages individually at BD. the rings make it very easy to edit and rearrange pages, and the individual pages allow you to put as many images as you like in the book, without having to conform to the constraints of a store-bought photo album. do i sound like an advertisement?

when i got home from bookbinders, i decided to check the mail one more time (did i mention that i really want that book?). good thing i did because i found the cutest note, handwritten on a square of decorative Chinese paper:

Hi - my name's Kat, I
just moved into #7. I
wanted to let you know that
I'm having a housewarming/
birthday party this Saturday.
Please pop in for a drink -

i went upstairs to meet her, and she was super cool. after dealing with the mean neighbor who hates miko, it's nice to know there are fun people moving in. now it really will be like melrose place.

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