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11 November 2003 - 10:29 a.m.

stats are fun, but they are also frustrating. why, for example, am i getting so many hits for people wanting to know about "pomagrant" and "how to eat pomagrant"?? it seems i wrote a post ages ago, quoting one of those Y O U bags that appear on a weekly basis, and i've been getting hits ever since.

well, to help out the internet surfers, i will give you two tips:
1. it is spelled pomegranate, not pomagrant
2. you eat the juicy red seeds and nothing else (the rest, including the whitish membrane, is bitter and inedible)

tip #3, for the bartenders here who have no idea what i'm talking about, pomegranate juice is used to make grenadine. grenadine is used to make the american kiddie drinks known as shirley temple (grenadine and lemonade) and roy rogers (grenadine and coke).


at the shoot on friday, i was burned on the forehead by a sparkler (simon calls it my harry potter mark), stepped on while running through rocks in wobbly stiletto heels that happened to be the wrong size, and cut and scraped on the hand by a beaded handbag. all of this in biting, cold wind while wearing skimpy evening wear and the aforementioned uncomfortable shoes. in spite of these events, it was still a very fun shoot, and i'm not saying that because i made approximately $400 an hour for the time i worked.


i saw a doctor the next day, who was very excited about the upcoming commercial. i told her that she could look out for the girls playing with sparklers and say to her friends, proudly, "i treated that one for burns." it makes you wonder what else you don't see behind the scenes.

i've been booked again, this time for some catalog work for a famous knitting company. the clothes will most likely be conservative and bordering on frumpy, but who cares when you're getting paid? if these are the last two jobs i get, i will be happy and feel really lucky to have staved off the debt collectors just that bit longer.


p.s. saw the third matrix movie on sunday night. i only have two words for you: wear earplugs. if you think i'm joking, the first words simon said while the credits were rolling were, "can anybody say tinnitus?"

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