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28 October 2003 - 10:14 a.m.

birthday wish list for 2003:

* an actual birthday (this means no obligation to work on the newspaper)
* the new jeff buckley "legacy" edition of live at sin-e
* annie's naturals alfredo cheese packets, so i can make my favorite mac 'n' cheese here (request given to sherry)
* a waffle iron or crock pot / slow cooker (request given to simon's parents)
* a VHS tape full of episodes of conan o'brien, complete with american commercials (request given to brother)
* a replacement for that much beloved (and now empty) 2-in-1 lipstick/lipstain that only the body shop in the u.s. carries (carried?)
* a diaryland gold membership, so i can add photos to this blog
* just about anything off my amazon wishlist, but especially the first book about knitting. i need help.

i dont really need anything, though. i'm healthy, happy and well loved. i just quit the job i hate, and - since i quit caffeine - my skin looks fantastic, too. i always feel obligated to make a list because i know people will ask - it's just easier than saying "i don't know" and slightly less boring than answering with "money" when asked what you would like. does anyone else feel this way?

my plans for the day are very low-key and involve op-shopping and a nice dinner. that's it. oh, and i think i'm going to order myself a neighborhoodie that says something like I [HEART] NORTH FITZROY - because i do.

movies recently seen:
* raising victor vargas (fantastic)
* punch-drunk love (magnificent)
* the rage in placid lake (enjoyable, and probably would have received a higher rating had i not just watched the aforementioned stupendous films)

if you have not already seen gettin' square, it's worth it solely for david wenham's mulleted performance. rent it, and fast-forward to his next scene when the other actors appear.

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