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15 October 2003 - 7:40 a.m.

we had a management meeting for the newspaper on friday, and i was bumped up - officially - to two days a week. that's good. it was also made clear that it is my responsibility to get the newspaper out on time and that, if i don't, i'll essentially be working for free until it's done. there is absolutely no room to move within the budget. this adds a few extra "unofficial" days to my workload until things are running more smoothly or we get some more advertising.

with this in mind, and knowing full well that i don't want to give up saturdays and sundays, i gave notice at the call centre. i first applied for a reduction in the days i work (i'm currently on four days a week, but i know a few who are on three or even two), but my request was declined. no negotiation, no interest from upper management, really. the only option was to quit. the most interesting part is that my supervisor gave notice the day after. i think that deserves a nice big hmmmm...

i had to give four weeks of notice, but i worked it out so that i'll be taking annual leave during the last two weeks. effectively, after today, i only have five more days to work there. yeeesssssssssssssssssss.

yep, we'll have less money than before, but i'll also have more sleep and more time to do household chores, which are falling by the wayside at the moment. sometimes it's fun to tell people that simon does most of the housework, but most of the time i feel ashamed that i don't have the time or energy to do my half. i wish you could all see the beautiful shiny bathroom he scrubbed over the weekend and give him a little round of applause. he is truly amazing.

mrs T - whom i visit every weekend so she deserves a name of some sort in this diary - is almost out of rehab and should be home soon. she's going to buy herself a scooter instead of waiting a year or more for the government to take care of it. freedom! i asked her where she wanted to go first, and she said, "to get a cup of coffee?" she's been cooped up in her house for two years, and the most important thing on her mind is good coffee. after that, i'm dying to take her to federation square and the new ikea in richmond - i don't think she'll believe either one.


hair report: dark, closely cropped and nearing fuzzy. i asked for the halle berry special.

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