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04 November 2003 - 9:30 a.m.

as soon as the cold weather dies down, the allergens come back to get me. i am all too familiar with my box of kleenex at the moment, which is a perfect situation to be in when one is about to visit one's in-laws, i say.

i spent my birthday morning at a casting for a mega television commercial. it was, without a doubt, the most excruciatingly painful audition i've ever been to. i had to ad lib to two invisible girlfriends, with no help from the casting director, about how excited i was about christmas and other gibberish. not only that, but i was scolded for what i had chosen to say while improvising and told that certain things i had said were "inappropriate" and "out of character". the last time i checked, i was many things, but not a professional actor. also, the last time i checked, real actors are still fed lines from casting directors without having to endure such torture.

which is why i found it so interesting when they called me yesterday to tell me i got the job.

the commercial shoots on friday night and should be on national television in two weeks. weird.

i took the second issue of the newspaper into the printer yesterday and was a bit upset when it showed up as wingdings-like symbols on the screen. bad news. after a full day of troubleshooting ("i'm in damage control," i would say when anyone asked what i was working on), we finally got something to work, albeit in a very backhanded, nonsensical way. i won't know for sure until thursday, but the printer has given me the ok. whew.

i'm off to bake some crackers to take to simon's parents' house. he's stuck at work today, but i'm taking advantage of my paid holiday. let's hope it's sunny enough to walk to the beach.

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