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May 19, 2003 - 9:24 a.m.

i didn't get the job in shepparton. more accurately, i did not get either of two photographer jobs being offered in shep.

i was told that i was in the top three (is this an alternate way of saying i was "runner-up"?), but the other two had "different skills". when i asked the photo editor to elaborate, he said they both had "local knowledge". one had grown up in the area, gone to university in melbourne and wanted to head back. the other was a country kid from nearby. so there you go.

there was another job advertised in saturday's paper, this time in leongatha. ugh. i don't know if i even have the heart to try another far-away country town.

i'm not working today, so my goal is to clean up my mess in the office. this includes getting my tax stuff sorted - my least favorite task.

my hair is getting longer, and so is the sweater i've been knitting. the days appear to be going in the opposite direction. not sure i have a direction myself at the moment, but i'm hoping this brisk wind will bring one with it.

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