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May 13, 2003 - 11:05 a.m.

last week i temped in an office at federation square. the views from the office windows were fantastic, made even more interesting by the odd window shapes (think parallelograms and rhombuses). if you've been to the ian potter gallery, the windows are very similar.

unfortunately, the views were the only interesting aspect of this job. my main duty, you ask? to wrap papers up in twine, all - day - long. i'm not kidding. taking papers out of folders, wrapping them in twine, noting the papers on an archive list and organizing everything in boxes. the boxes are very heavy, and the twine cuts my fingers and makes them bleed. fun times, but at least it helps pay the rent.

they wanted me to return yesterday, but i had the job interview in the country. i have no idea how it went, or what my chances are. i only know that there were 70 possible candidates, and only 10 were chosen for interview (including me). so i suppose i should feel proud.

they also asked me what the best photograph i've ever taken was. i had no idea, so i bluffed and morphed the question into something that i could answer. asking my best photograph? that's on par with asking someone his/her favorite song. unless you're 8, you probably have too many to choose from.

funnily enough, the temp agency wanted me to start a permanent job yesterday, at a communication department within the government. and before you think it, no, they wouldn't let me start a day late. i tried. i don't feel too terrible, though, because it was a reception role, and what are the realistic chances that i would be promoted from receptionist to communication strategist or something relating to my degree? not likely, methinks. yes, there are certain jobs that lend themselves to promotion and a certain track within the company, but reception usually heads toward management of some sort. oh well.

kristy offered to drive yesterday, which made it a lot easier to get around and see things, although i have to admit there wasn't a whole lot to see. it reminded me of the place where my mom grew up in the early '80s.

that said, i did find three very good things:

1. fabulous shimmery creme eyeshadow, two colors in one, on clearance at priceline. i know, it sounds horrible, but i have some similar that i adore, and it looks great on. not showy, and it doesn't leave creases like normal shadow. kristy and i must have spent an hour trying to decide who was going to get which color set (there was only one of the favorite combo). does that make me girly or just neurotic? don't answer that.

2. size 10mm knitting needles, currently unavailable in melbourne. now i can play with my super chunky yarn! oddly enough, the place where i bought them was next door to the bowling alley. a sign, perhaps?

3. a make-your-own rubber stamp kit from another era, with an entire alphabet and symbols (multiples of each) in a fantastic font. found in one of the 5 op shops [thrift stores] we spotted while there. Already loaded into the stamp holders were the following phrases:

Paula Morgan
34 Gowrie St

Not Negotiable

Lee Hammod

and, just to make life more interesting, the modeling agency phoned yesterday, while we were on the way back to the city. i have a casting today for wrangler jeans. i actually said to the woman who phoned, "i thought you hated me because you never call." she told me not to be silly, but i really meant it. i decided not to mention that i have longer hair now because the casting was enough of a fluke as is.

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