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October 14, 2002 - 5:46 p.m.

i took a switchboard call from a woman named aphrodite today. no joke. really, what were her parents thinking?

simon and i were very productive this weekend, making all sorts of meals to store in the fridge and freezer for later. we've made a pact to stay off caffeine (this includes tea and hot chocolate) and to start eating more healthily. we threw out the potato chips and made some hummus and carrot sticks. it's a lot easier to snack on healthy food when it's actually around. mind you, we don't eat this stuff often, but when the groceries run low, you can bet we'd rather eat junk food than go to the supermarket.

i went to a career expo and begged someone from The Age for a job. that would probably be my fourth or fifth desperate attempt to fling myself on The Age, to no avail. this girl was from fremont, california, but i still think she thought i was a bit weird. oh well.

simon made lentil soup while i was at work today. i'm off to eat some, and then we're going to cinema nova to see "donnie darko". we've been waiting for awhile. did i mention that we saw "the great escape" w/ steve mcqueen on saturday? well, it was highly entertaining. as long as you have three hours to spend, it's well worth it. especially if your movie theatre sells ice cream. mine does!

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