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October 15, 2002 - 6:30 p.m.

work left me physically drained today. i could feel it in my shoulders, my back, and just about everywhere really. i had a knot in my stomach around 4pm that wouldn't go away. unless you're actually doing it, it's hard to imagine how data entry and answering phones can make you exhausted.

the longer i work there and the more i think about it, i realize that being out of the journalism and photography worlds is probably detrimental to my career. then again, what can i do? work as a receptionist for two years and then run back to the u.s. to work as a photo intern after all this time? yikes. and sherry's sister wants to get her master's in anthropology. let's hope she has a career plan figured out soon, or she might be answering phones, too.

i'm off to boil some pasta. simon made spinach-tomato pesto for dinner tonight. hooray for house husbands.

there's a sign making the neighborhood rounds about a lost dachsund named rosie who is "timid and has a heart condition." i was getting all worked up about it until i read ryan's entry. life is more interesting in kansas city, it seems.

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