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October 10, 2002 - 1:11 p.m.

the phototographers dropped off the wedding pics last night. they are fantastic, which really pleases me because you just never know until you see them. i haven't looked at all of them yet, though, because simon made me put them down so we could go see "the cat's meow" at the movie theater. it was shockingly terrible, at least on an excitement level. had simon not been there, i would have walked out and gone home halfway through. did i mention that we had free tickets? i'm still a bit peeved, anyway.

i can already feel the effects of work on my entire body. because the phone rings so often, there are only so many tasks you can perform at your desk without leaving the switch. (i call this "babysitting" the switch.) thus, the repetition of movement makes for some seriously sore muscles. i can feel it in my head, too. with a switch that busy, i feel like my adrenaline is going all the time. when the phone stops ringing, i come down from such a high that i immediately want a nap. what a great cycle.

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