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October 04, 2002 - 8:51 p.m.

i got an e-mail reply from the head honcho at melbourne magazine the same day i wrote him. i would have told you about it that day, too, except that diaryland ate it. i must remember to copy everything i write before i click the [done!] button.

anyway, he said he's going to get back to me when the second issue is finished. this could be next week or a month from now. i've got to be patient.

my last temp agency called yesterday and said my old reception job wanted me back, just for a few days. they've decided to find a new, permanent receptionist after all. that should keep me above poverty level for a few more days, anyway, until i figure something else out. got any ideas?

oh yeah, i dropped off my entry for the photo/art competition today. propped against the wall were two really bad, fluorescent paintings of luna park. i wonder how many renditions of mr moon they're going to get before they want to vomit. we'll find out next week, i suppose.

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