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October 01, 2002 - 2:43 p.m.

i did it. i sent the closest thing to a formal ass kiss or hire-me plea to melbourne magazine. instead of listing my merits, though (which doesn't seem to be such a hot technique for me), i added a list of ideas for the brand-new mag. let's hope the head honcho takes the bait. i've set myself up for a heart attack every time the phone rings this week.

now that that's over, i can take a shower and get myself over to kinko's. i've got to enlarge a polaroid for a photo competition because it doesn't meet the minimum size requirements. polaroids get no respect, i tell you.

i've added the picture to my other web site, here. most people don't photograph it upside-down from directly below, though. it usually looks more like this.

a heads up to barb and all the kids in missouri, if you're reading this: the postman just delivered the wedding book you sent, and it was absolutely marvelous. (what is up with david wilson's beard?) it almost made me cry. for my birthday, do you think you could send the block party picture? tee hee...

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