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October 08, 2002 - 5:33 p.m.

i'm back at the old job again. ho hum. at least i have the job security of knowing i'll be here all week. i'm not really sure what's happening after that, i'm afraid. apparently, my boss doesn't know either.

i took an informal poll in the office and found out that *all* of the married women have cupboards full of stuff they received for their weddings and never used. seriously. one woman had five sets of the same silver (coffee and tea service) that she's yet to touch, 20 years later. in an odd twist, i accidentally broke two of the new dishes while trying to wash them in the sink. they were fun dishes, too. at least i know i've got backup!

i wonder, though, if i was attending someone else's wedding, what would i get them that i know would be appreciated? i guess there really isn't one certain thing. if you have any ideas, please send them to me. i can feel a few weddings itching my way, and i'll need to think of something good. especially so i don't have to imagine someone kvetching about what *i* bought them. so here's the poll:

*for those of you who are already married: what were some of the best presents you received? what do you wish you would have gotten?

*and for those of you who aren't married: what would be something useful that you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself, or that someone doesn't need to really know you in order to get? think inexpensive and moderately expensive.

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