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May 13, 2002 - 9:37 p.m.

my new haircut looks fantastic. thank you for asking.

"my baby is back!" simon cried when he picked me up from the train station. even his hard-to-please parents agreed: "that cut quite suits you," they said. not only was the haircut at lure good, but the shampoo rocked my world. (i feel asleep for a few minutes, at least.)

work is tolerable, but i loathe the boss man. so does everyone else. normally, this would make me feel better. instead, i think about how sad it is to be older and be too afraid to leave your job because nobody will hire you at your age, and you've got a mortgage and/or retirement security to worry about. this is why, i'm finding out, the people i'm working with haven't left yet (or have left and come back). this makes me sad. it's not like i can afford to leave, but i'm content to take another crappy job somewhere else. i'm too young to be stuck somewhere i hate.

wednesday night is the midnight screening of the new star wars movie. because it's opening around the world on the same day, australia gets the first showing. ha ha.

i am more excited, however, about friday night. paul dempsey of something for kate and grant-lee phillips are playing solo. i will probably have to contain my bladder. then grant-lee comes back the next week to play the night cat, one of my favorite places in melbourne. it's a dimly lit bar with very cool custom lamps and bossa nova always playing in the background. the night cat normally has live jazz bands and a dance floor where people actually dance. very, very fun and usually free.

in other news, simon and i ate at a noodle restaurant called "cafe blah blah" last night. we each had the worst dinner either one of us had experienced in ages. the owner should change the name to "cafe blah" or "cafe so-so" instead. all i can say is this: bangkok gardens, i miss you.

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