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May 10, 2002 - 7:15 p.m.

when i was living in fitzroy in 1997, my housemates and i used to walk by this crazy hair salon called lure on smith street (the same street as our favorite and embarrassingly titled restaurant, vegetarian orgasm).

lure is so amazing that i cannot possibly describe it accurately, but i will do my best. the entire thing is salmon pink, with different platform levels and bonsai trees everywhere. very high ceilings, theatrical paint and chairs, and i know the hairdressers put on musicals every couple of months. it's one of those places we take new visitors to see because it never fails to get an instant jaw drop.

it's always been my dream to get my hair cut at lure just once, but because i've had a contract with chris, the hairdresser who works out in the absolute boondocks (a one-hour bus ride, at least), i haven't been able to. well, chris has been so bad about returning my calls that i have decided to ditch him. i can't stand my hair any longer. i've got an appointment at lure tomorrow at 4:15, and i am jumping for joy. maybe i will have to get a diaryland gold account so i can show y'all a picture.

on the work front, peter is an absolute "arsehole," as felicity, one of the women i work with, yelled out at him today. he said something rude to everyone in the office individually today, and he almost made one woman (who is not used to dealing with him) cry. what a loser. it's too bad that everyone else in that office is so fantastic because i would love to work with them longer. $17.50 an hour is also nice.

speaking of loser bosses, bevan crowley still hasn't paid me. i even called to check up last monday and was told my paycheck was being processed that week. sheesh.

and, for the news you've all been waiting for, there was a third Y O U bag on wednesday. i don't have time to type it all out right now, though, so i'll add an entry later.


new vocabulary word: foolscap
it's what the australians call u.s. legal-sized paper. they normally use paper with letters and numbers (A4 is writing paper, A5 is half that size, etc.) but this is just wacky. they also call our version of football "gridiron." now where the heck did that come from?

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