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May 07, 2002 - 7:36 p.m.

i took this job at meredith because not one single potential employer had returned my calls and because i was desperate for money. peter promised it would be a two-week minimum commitment at meredith, and cameron's (my modeling agency) gave me the go-ahead because things are so slow at the moment.

having said that, not one hour after i told peter that i would take the job, the very first temp agency i registered with here (more than a month ago, mind you, with no communication whatsoever) called to say they had work the next day. yesterday, nicola from the second temp agency called to tell me she had a job lasting for a few weeks. i had to say no to her, too. now, i just got home from meredith and listened to the message on the answering machine. it was jacqui from cameron's wanting to know if i can go to a casting for a diamond commercial tomorrow at 9:15 am. the commercial is worth $6,000. yes, you read that right. jacqui said there's also an opportunity for a second commercial, worth $9,000. so i left a message telling her i start work at 9 am, but that i have an hour for lunch and can sneak off if need be.

the weirdest bit is that simon may be in danger of losing his job at the end of this month - not because he did anything wrong, but because his employers thought he was giving notice when he was really just letting them know he was working on his resume and thinking about changing jobs. trust me when i say he is the best employee they will ever have (of which they are fully aware), so it comes as quite a shock that they've already found him a replacement. meanwhile, simon is still tinkering with his resume and has not yet contacted any companies. so, in the worst-case scenario, i could be the sole breadwinner for awhile, and we would have to live in beaumaris forever. oh god.

in other news, it has been unseasonably warm here. in fact, they said today was the warmest may day we've had in decades. i am not complaining. and it's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow! as if that wasn't enough, my bosses told me to wear play clothes to work tomorrow because i'll be moving dirty stuff. hooray! play clothes and sunshine! it will almost be like staying home and not working. maybe i'd better stow a diamond-friendly outfit in my bag, just in case i need to pull a clark kent and change before the casting. do you think a jamie-lee curtis haircut, cleverly bobby-pinned, can sell diamonds?


gigantic hugs and kisses go out to jo-anne, whose care package was received in the mail today. she sent me cash and bubble bath!!! and i only asked for a tape. aw, gee whiz.

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