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March 23, 2002 - 4:37 p.m.

it has been warm all day today. finally.

simon's dad and i went to the dandenong market this morning, to get 5+ boxes full of fruit and veg, as they say here. we got avocados and nectarines, and then we bought hot jam donuts. they've always been a favorite of mine, but they're not very high on the nutritional list. colin and i each ate some, and then decided at the same time that we'd better not tell joan, simon's mum. sugary, fatty foods are our special little secret.

i should probably mention that i ate a milky bar (my favorite white chocolate treat - this one had cookie bits inside) for breakfast.

i made sandwiches for simon, who is still at work as i type. colin dropped me off in front of his work to deliver the sandwiches, and i walked home from there, which took about half an hour. well, if you don't count the garage sale i stopped off at. i found a really great pillowcase for 50 cents that will make quite a foxy skirt. i can't escape them, even here.

now i've got to get ready because we're going to see the go-betweens and art of fighting at the corner hotel tonight. i am VERY excited about this. i'm also excited that we didn't get married today because i probably would have turned into a worrywart.

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