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March 22, 2002 - 8:51 a.m.

simon is at the gym right now, so i'm stealing his computer. actually, since i didn't bring my laptop from the u.s., this is probably my computer, too. the consolidation of goods in a relationship can be quite convenient.

i went to the job interview yesterday and got a lecture from the boss man (bevan is his name) about lots of things. the "test" they gave me was to design page 2 of one of their business publications using quark and a pile of newspaper clippings. every story has to be typed by hand (which is why the ad called for 70 wpm typing speed or greater - i should have known), and i had to write headlines and lay everything out. the guy who gave me the instructions handed my printout to bevan and then came walking back. i told him "thank you" on my way to see bevan, and then he said, "see you next week" and smirked. i guess that means i got the job.

then i walked in and got the lecture from bevan about how his product cannot be tarnished and the brand name must remain intact blah blah blah. he also told me that australian journalists are the backbone of the journalism industry and that brits and americans should bow down to the aussie journos. it was the only time i didn't smile and say "sure" or nod my head. as if!

so they're giving me a paid trial run on monday ($15 an hour), and he said they'll probably hire me right after that for a better wage. i have the option of part time or full time, and i think i'm going to take the easy way out. i am far from being acclimated here. i definitely want to explore a little, and i don't want to spend 8 hours a day on something that has no relation to what i want to do. there is no photography involved in this job whatsoever, and i really think i need to be working on something photographic to get my portfolio up to snuff. also, i don't want to forget my book. i think it can still happen.

by the way, did i mention i know nothing about business, and that i cared not one iota about any of the stories i typed in? the only good thing about the talk with bevan was at the end, when i asked him what the office dress code was. i normally ask this when i am wearing a suit and everyone else in the office is dressed like a slob. he said, "as long as you're dressed," which is probably the best answer i've ever heard. i can be a punk rocker and still get paid. yahoo!

simon will be home soon, and we're going to take a walk, probably to the beach. i'm glad because yesterday's galavanting around made me so tired. i barely stayed awake during dinner with his parents. i'm really out of shape, and i forgot how much walking is required when you don't live in a car-only place like california or missouri.

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