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March 21, 2002 - 9:02 a.m.

i am now a provisional resident of australia.

on the drive from the airport, i rolled down the car window, blew kisses to all the buildings and trees and shouted "MWAH!" barb-style.

i am glad to be here. of course, i'm not very settled and do miss lots of people (and furry creatures), but i think this was a necessary step in my life.

making out is just as good as i remembered.

simon and i went to polyester records last night and saw crouchy. i bought the new darren hanlon cd (brilliant, but what did you expect?), the new lucksmiths cd (haven't listened to it yet - full report later) and the candle "feast" compilation. it was so nice to be back on brunswick street.

i've got a busy day today: a visit to the immigration office, an appointment with our marriage celebrant and a job interview. yikes! will update later.


notice to anyone about to fly: LAX security guards made me remove my shoes. of course, my shoelaces were triple-knotted. now you know to wear slip-ons.

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