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March 24, 2002 - 6:36 p.m.

we paid $27 apiece to see the Go-Betweens last night, but my knees hurt so much that we left early. i think i didn't feel so bad because it was only robert forster and grant mclennan [sigh] on acoustic guitars, with no backing band. songs like cattle and cane were still gorgeous, but i didn't feel like my life would end if i missed the last few songs. as we were walking out, i spied the set list, with two songs left to go: people say and was there anything i could do? too bad they were two of my favorites, but i am getting a little old for the music nightlife. does anyone else feel this way? the cigarette smoke and crowds don't add to the ambience, and now that i've got a real job, that means i need a real bedtime, too. oh god, i feel like a senior citizen.

i feel like a real person now because simon and i bought a hanging file organizer. now i will know where everything is... just as soon as i find the energy/motivation to put the information into the files.

while we were out, i also bought an australian english dictionary, not much bigger than a chunky little tape you'd use in a camcorder. i started highlighting and marking it up, a la diane court in say anything. jewelry is now jewellery, pedophile is now spelled paedophile, and coupe (as in sports coupe, a type of car) has added an accent over the e and is now pronounced koo-PAY.

i start my trial day at work tomorrow. i'm going to beg for part time, and i have to tell him about my request for wedding time off. ugh. if the part-time wrangling goes well, i'll be jetting out on tuesday at 1pm to catch the last half of the lucksmiths' show at melbourne university. oh boy oh boy oh boy. that will make me feel less friendless, for sure.


papa colin and i went to get an ice cream at mcdonald's while we were waiting for joan to finish up at work. i could not believe my eyes when i saw that "cadbury creme egg" is this month's featured mcflurry flavor.

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