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2002-02-12 - 9:46 p.m.

signs that spring is near:

*temperatures have consistently been in the high 60s lately, even hitting 69 a few days ago

*I spied February mosquito #4 IN MY HOUSE today

*I woke up sneezing this morning and with water pouring out of each of my eyes. hello pollen. hello green, growing things. hello capri pants. goodbye socks.

i'm getting a root canal tomorrow afternoon, to take care of the evil, dark tooth in front of my mouth. my dentist refers to it as tooth #9. when i visited him last week, he asked me if i was experiencing problems "with food getting stuck between number 2 and 3," to which i replied, "what the hell are '2' and '3'? do you mean to tell me your other patients actually number their teeth like you do?"

and yes, i said "hell" to my dentist.

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