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2002-02-14 - 11:45 a.m.

happy valentine's day. MWAH to all of you.

yesterday was one day to the year that i - yes, i - proposed to simon. because i was greedy and wanted that ring (which, i might add, sparkles quite beautifully once again, since i discovered jewelry cleaner).

so that's one year, and where is he? thousands of miles away.

i wanted desperately to be in australia by today, but it just didn't happen. then i changed my tune and said i wanted to at least receive visa notification by today, so i could get the cheapie fare i found that is only good if you buy by today. no such luck. so here i sit, in my pajamas, eating mushy food (yesterday was root canal day) and waiting for my luck to change.

maybe i should look at the bright side. at least i have a valentine. nope, i think i'll pout instead. :) especially since tomorrow is the 2002 melbourne candle concert, and i am nowhere near the party.

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