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2002-02-11 - 12:09 p.m.

I need money, and lots of it. Does anyone want to send me money? Harumph.

Next item on the agenda: it was 69 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday. YAHOO. It was so nice that I had to take my jacket off and just wear a t-shirt. Too bad my parents still keep the house freezing cold, so you'd never know life could be experienced in anything other than winter mode. Brrrr.

But back to this outside weather. It's really fantastic, and I'm quite upset that as the days get warmer, the fewer warm days I'll be experiencing in Melbourne, if/when I do get there. So while I love the sunshine, I feel like I shouldn't be enjoying it yet. Or the *!@# visa should just get here already.

Random news: My dad's dog, Buddy, is getting smarter by the day, needing fewer and fewer clues before he figures out I'm about to take him for a walk. When we began this exercise regimen, he couldn't figure it out until I let him smell the leash. Then he figured it out one step early, when I pulled the plastic shopping bags out of the pantry (to clean up after him while on the walk, natch). Yesterday, he saw my track-suit pants and sneakers and started barking up a storm and trying to climb my legs. He has yet to figure out the world "walk," but I'll give him another week.

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