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2002-01-30 - 8:19 p.m.

Things I received at work today (my last day):

one dozen peach-colored roses

a vanilla-scented candle with a ceramic bee that climbs up the side

a mug with the logo of my workplace, so I'll never forget them

a pen covered in brown fake fur with a teddy bear on top whose limbs flop around when you twist the pen just so

two thank-you cards

one giant carrot cake and a gallon of orange juice for everyone to share

what surprises me the most is that i've only been working there for a month and a half, minus an extended winter holiday. every place i've ever worked as a temp has asked me to stay permanently (or at least a little longer), but i've never gotten roses before. yikes.

so i start a new job tomorrow at a bank far away from my house. i wanted a vacation from work so i could work on my book proposal and send correspondence to all the kind people i've known (and you know who you are). but such is life. i am poor, and i would like to eat when i arrive in australia.

in other news, the polaroid mio stinks. yes, i've made a public declaration. it's an ok camera on its own, but compared to all of the other polaroid models out there, this is a bomb. and i really don't understand how it's that much different, film-wise, that is, from the joycam. please oh please oh please, if you are hankering for a polaroid camera, buy the space-age spectra instead. it's worth the money just for the beautiful colors the film produces.

And lest you think i'm not an expert on the subject, mio makes polaroid toy #8 for me.

another thing i'd like to think i'm an expert on is breakfast. let me tell you that the new special k with red berries is FANTASTIC. it's the first time i've ever seen real berries in my cereal box, and they *look* like the berries in the picture on the front, sliced real purdy 'n everthing! they taste like the berries grown down the street from my house, too! (and, if you decide to forgo milk, you can crunch on the freeze-dried berries and pretend you're eating astronaut food.)

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