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2002-02-04 - 12:16 p.m.

my friend paul sang it best:

waiting is the worst / towards anything is better / i want to be moving

the nightmares started last week. tensions are high, kids. i hate waiting for the mail every day, wondering if the visa will finally be approved. people keep asking me when my wedding date will be, but it's a little difficult to think about when i don't know if i'll even *get* an visa.

i promised simon that i would call him as soon as i hear something. he's been sleeping with his mobile phone on, just in case. he told me he woke up sad yesterday because he realized he'd woken up on his own and not because of the magic phone call. this could go on for months.

my mom is sitting on the couch, watching COPS. she just said, "you'd better go check the mail, sweetie, in case he came already." just when i was starting to forget about our late mailman.

oh yes, wish me luck on my book proposal, which i'm finalizing tonight. thanks!

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