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05 July 2004 - 1:06 p.m.

I am home sick again, with a sore throat that hurts even when I'm not swallowing and a face that hurts all over. I cannot seem to move from this seat and will do anything to avoid thinking about my aches, so I've been finding all sorts of excuses to stay here in front of the computer. Thanks, Daniel, for this great idea. I would like to point out that this was my first-ever effort at using Dreamweaver (my real site is hand-coded). Yes, I'm bored and can't move, but hand code an image map? I don't think so.

Move your mouse over the individual items to make descriptions appear. See next entry for the side of my fridge.

Polaroid of Chrissy at the old house in Columbia, Missouri birthday present from Columbia, Missouri: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN" Polaroid taken on Barb and Chrissy's fridge fridge magnet from The Age, so I know whom to call when my paper doesn't get delivered recipe from The Age for braised leeks with dill - I thought it was OK, but Simon thought it was a bit leek-a-licious for his liking Polaroid of my brother Benton and his now-ex-fiancee, Michele Polaroid of my sister, Amanda, and her roommate, Sarah (still roommates) Polaroid of my brother Terry and his wife, Katie (still married) Simon's mum and dad with Nana on her 90th (I think) birthday in Daylesford my brother-in-law, Antony, asleep on the couch Polaroid of Kylie on her birthday, wearing a pink shirt on top of her pink bed in her pink bedroom full of pink yarn a present from Barb, after I'd been back in Australia for one year self-portrait of Simon and me at a Christmas function for volunteers the ubiquitous Coles voucher, which entitles you to a 4-cents-per-litre discount when you buy petrol Simon bought this fridge magnet because he thought it was cute Simon bought this fridge magnet in Chicago the bottom of our shopping list reads "make Dr. appt for niko" because Miko ate part of her ID tag, thus renaming herself from Miko to Niko (she has since eaten the entire tag, so she is nameless) lots and lots of cookbooks (all vegetarian except for Stephanie Alexander's "The Cook's Companion" because it's just so necessary to own) the apron I made out of a pillowcase, featured in the third issue of ReadyMade magazine

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