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19 May 2004 - 9:22 a.m.

this is my new haircut, described by the stylist as "audrey hepburn with a mohawk". what i really wanted was something like the ashley judd haircut in twisted, but with a bit more spikiness. at least it was free. (as you can see, i'm a bit camera shy today.)


i know you're probably sick of hearing about the princess, but i just can't get enough. the wedding was beautiful, and they looked so happy, but, from what i've read, she has had to give up a huge list of things for love:

* name (mary donaldson -> marie glucksborg - granted, with a "crown princess" in the front of that)
* language (english -> danish)
* both australian and british citizenships
* religion (presbyterian -> lutheran)
* future custody of any children, should they split up (she had to sign a pre-nup)

i also read that the royal family ordered her to have a fertility test before they would allow the engagement to be official. hello! and if the test said she was infertile (which it still can't prove or disprove), they would make him break up with her? as much as this royal business is fascinating, i find it equally weird.

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