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12 May 2004 - 7:27 p.m.

rathdowne tavern

life has been full of pleasant surprises lately:

* problem writers turning in really well written articles for the paper - and - relatively on time

* getting the font package i (and the paper) have been waiting months for, thanks to the speedy and helpful service of my new favorite store, the font shop in north melbourne (who knew?)

* the evil, uber-thick font catalog that arrived with my order (including a handdrawn version of my favorite font)

* value city in preston, a secondhand extravaganza of warehouse proportions, and just a short walk from the west preston (route 112) tram terminus

* my newfound ability to move and recognise muscles and bones whose locations were previously unknown to me (hello, individual vertebrae!), thanks to physiotherapy, pilates and other similar ventures

* the drool-inducing features on my new camera that i am only gradually learning about (think white-balance bracketing and custom contrast/sharpness/saturation/color tone settings)

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