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15 March 2004 - 6:59 p.m.

i chose our latest toothbrushes because i liked the font used on the handles. not only the font, but i particularly like how they tracked the font, and the almost-pearly sheen to the plastic. turns out they're the best toothbrushes we've had so far (in terms of teeth cleaning, not just aesthetics). go figure.


have to go to the police station tomorrow to make a statement and watch the surveillance tapes - it seems the detective can't find me by my self-description given over the phone.

i actually cried last week when we had to go to the grocery store and begged simon to take me shopping at a different store than our usual. i think most of the sadness was a delayed reaction after being so darned happy-go-lucky about everything. you see, after i went to the police station the first time, i treated myself to some white chocolate-coated strawberries and lost them all to brunswick street after i manhandled the packaging. well, i got to eat one, but considering the whole thing cost $10, does it even count?

that same night, i jammed a cotton bud/swab in my ear (i was applying medication per doctor's instructions but was perhaps a bit stressed) and had to go the doctor the next day to get it washed out. call me a money pit (my words) or a walking disaster (simon's), but i think i was a bit jinxed. and i just kept laughing it off each time.

anyway, after all of that "badness", if you will, i think the sense of violation hit me a bit late. it wasn't just that i had my wallet stolen but that i wasn't sure exactly how it happened - did i knock it out of my purse? did it fall out? or did someone really reach in and grab it when i was eyeing some tropical fruit, no doubt? so i'm pretty thrilled and spooked to know i'll be watching the tapes to see how it actually happened. maybe i never really wanted to know.


it's been confirmed: i'll be heading to the u.s. for two weeks, next week. i'll mostly be spending time with my mom before and after she has surgery, and going through all the crap i left behind. i can already think of two items i'll be rescuing (bobble-head pee-wee herman and my vintage overalls), so i can't even prepare to imagine what i've forgotten. my parents were already planning a barn clean-out that weekend, so i won't have to brave all of the black widows that live inside on my own. whew.

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