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08 March 2004 - 11:10 a.m.

good things:

* kidnaping kylie - on what may have been the last hot day for the next nine months - and stopping at edithvale beach on the way to savers in frankston. highly enjoyable road trip with lots of good souvenirs.

* the possibility of a plane trip home and very soon

* the excitement of a newly acquired fluorescent pink cat harness with matching leash for my above-average-intelligence furball - hey, if people in europe do it...

* another hand-knitted jumper/sweater almost finished and looking lurvely

bad things:

* dropping simon off at the airport yesterday for a business trip to sydney - i hate an empty bed

* having my wallet stolen in coles supermarket last night and discovering the loss only when at the register with a shopping cart/trolley FULL of groceries that we really needed

* finding out the perpetrators spent $3000 on my mastercard at coles, bi-lo and piedimonte's (my local!) while i had no money to buy groceries or get gas/petrol and simon's in sydney

* having to drive without a valid drivers license and knowing that it will take ages before i can get a duplicate of my missouri license sent to me

* having to wait another day to get anything sorted with the banks etc because today's a public holiday

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