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29 December 2003 - 6:52 p.m.

i am truly on holiday.

spent yesterday being lazy. went out for morning coffee with kat (upstairs neighbor) and simon on brunswick street and all of a sudden it was 1 pm. oh well. then came home and mended a bunch of pants that are new, mind you, and have been waiting to be hemmed properly for months now. so on one hand i feel fantastic that i got it done, but i feel like the guilt of not having done it sooner is only just cancelled out. go figure.

i went into work for six hours today and delivered the latest edition of the paper to local businesses. for anyone who's counting, that's issue 4. then i locked myself out of the car and spent nearly an hour waiting for RACV to come and get me. i didn't mind, though, because i am so blissed out with all of this sunshine. today i'm wearing a strappy tank top and a long, hot pink skirt with white spots that looks like something audrey hepburn would have worn on a vacation to India. my feet have blisters from delivering papers in my dr scholl's sandals, but i don't care because IT'S SUMMER and i love the heat, and we didn't have a proper summer last year. and my skin is actually getting darker, especially on the right arm, thanks to the magic of "driver's tan" (perhaps giving the left arm a break for all those years of driving in america?).

i have four more days of vacation left, so i'd better get cracking on the rest of my mending projects. then it's on to the knitting.

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