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07 January 2004 - 8:54 a.m.

i got a raise.

no, not really, but i changed my tax details recently. by ticking one little box, i am now $130 richer per fortnight. yay me.

work is going well, and i still really enjoy it. it seems like i have fewer stories to work with each issue, though, and i have to go begging or "gently reminding" people of impending deadlines. i now have some eager beavers who want to be reporters - it felt pretty cool to call one of them yesterday afternoon and say, "here's a story for you - go chase it up" and have the person at the other end (who lives an hour and a half away, mind you) say, "oh thank you!" i could get used to this.

when i interviewed for this job, i wore a suit (as you do). yet, increasingly, people wear jeans and scrubby things to my editorial meetings and into my office. two people (one a fire station lieutenant) have walked into my office barefoot so far.

i had this idea of what a professional journalist should wear and an idea that an editor was a pretty big-time person (well, at least in this community), so i thought it was appropriate to dress nicely. i also remember various journalism lecturers say that you should try to blend in with your surroundings to make people feel you're on their level, meaning: if you're taking pictures on a farm in the middle of nowhere, you had better not wear a suit. so i've tried to mix the two worlds somewhat, by dressing nicely and making an effort, but not being overly showy. what this really means is that i am getting good at dressing up scrubby clothes.

when i worked as a receptionist, i wore my favorite hooded sweatshirt with jeans on casual day but felt a little *too* casual, so i added a pearl choker. i know it sounds wrong, but it looked very cool, and i got compliments all day. yesterday found me in a black drapey t-shirt and jeans, albeit nice jeans with a trouser cut. i still felt a bit blah, though, so i added this old polka-dotted scarf and was instantly transformed. i was told how "elegant" i looked, yet i was still wearing a t-shirt, jeans and my dr scholl's sandals. i felt like i had somehow cheated the system. and, funnily enough, i still don't think i'm blending in very well, and the accent just compounds it. ah well. i guess they'll just get used to me after awhile, and i'll become an eccentric town figure. it is very freeing to know that, technically, i can wear whatever i want to work. and it makes mornings a whole lot easier.

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