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June 10, 2003 - 2:07 p.m.

holy cow.

i did not believe it until i went mucking around in my diaryland profile, but this is my 200th entry.

this, coming from the girl who could never keep a paper diary. and believe me, i've tried multiple times. so for those of you who've been reading most or all of the way, thanks.


when we got miko, the kind rspca volunteer on duty told us to keep her indoors for three weeks, so she can get used to her territory. well, kids, it's been a week, and she's rapidly heading toward stir-crazy. she's been on and off of my lap so many times this morning that i've lost count.

today is my last day off before starting my call-centre training, so i'm going to have a look around town for a cheap scratching post. this is after i mail the tower of cards and packages sitting in front of the file cabinet. and after i take a shower and eat lunch, of course, because it's already past 2pm, and i'm still in my pajamas. heh heh.


on friday, i got this really cool e-mail from my brother, saying that he liked my blog and wanted to start his own. i was pretty impressed, until i found out he told my mom about the blog, too.


i felt pretty violated, but at the same time, it's not like i've ever written anything in here that i'd be ashamed for my parents to read. however, i'm sure this blog is full of minutiae that i don't bother telling my mom in our weekly phone chats because why add to the worry pile? i tell her about my job struggles, for example, but does she really need to know about each and every detail and about how in debt we are in any given week?

that said, my mom and i have a really good and open relationship, and we can talk about pretty much anything. I guess I'm a bit dumbfounded and haven't fully formed my reaction to the situation. oh yeah, hi mom, if you're reading this.


remember the three possible friends i wrote about toward the end of this pathetic entry? it's amazing how time flies.

i met with kylie, the girl knitting the pink halter top, for hot-chocolate-in-a-bowl on sunday. she's a friend of jen's, in case you're wondering how i found her again. how fitting that she'd have a blog, too. kristy is now a regular at our abode, and we see tamara frequently. go figure.

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