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March 01, 2003 - 9:08 a.m.

it was raining and yucky outside when i woke up, but now it's sunny. strange, because i'm still sipping my it's-raining-and-cold-and-i-need-something-hot tea. i'm about to pick my outfit for the day, but i can't decide which weather assumption i'm going to go with. i suppose there's always a rain jacket...

yesterday, after i got the call about the amelie thing, i quickly ran to the bathroom and worked on my hair. i found out that i could fake it by moving my bangs/fringe to the other side, so instead of sloping diagonally from the short bit to the long, the long bit covered most everything up and just looked kind of chunky. in an orange way. i also discovered that, with pigtails, i looked even better. yay for me.

after the casting, i entertained myself by strolling through chapel street bazaar and not buying anything. although i finally got to sit in an actual featherston chair. form and function at last! it was so comfy that i didn't want to leave. and, of course, i couldn't find a picture of the one i sat in on the web, and it doesn't really look like anything in the above link. bah! just imagine an entirely fabric-covered cube-like shape with a big spot for your butt.

then i headed to priceline, which is a really great place to waste time - if you're a girl, and if you're into that kind of thing. it reminds me of the makeup sections in rite-aid or osco, but tenfold. priceline encourages you to test products out, so there are tissues and makeup remover all over the place. i had a different color on each fingernail and discovered that the new lipstick halle berry made look so good is, in fact, too sticky.

the only thing i bought was a pack of tiny hair elastics. i had to ask the staff what to buy because i haven't needed anything like that in nearly a decade. they didn't have ouchless elastics in my day!

this is the same girl who doesn't own a comb and only has a blow dryer because it came free with her husband. so i am all excited to be living in pigtail land once again, and not having to use the grotty rubber bands from the newspaper. does anyone want to take a vote on how long this longish-hair spell will last?

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