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February 28, 2003 - 1:16 p.m.

i have been on a crazy high-speed trip this entire week. well, last week, too, come to think of it.

do you ever have those weeks when you don't have time to sit down and breathe? that's been my week.

this morning, i had the casting for fashion week. i practiced walking and turning before i left the house and actually made myself dizzy. ha! (note: when i was little, i used to make myself dizzy by running around in circles whenever prince's "raspberry beret" came on the radio.)

i think i looked like i knew what i was doing, but it's so hard to tell. funny ha ha: the casting director liked my hair.

then i had a nightmare-ish time at the bank, trying to move money from my u.s. account to my local one. it was bad enough that i had to ask my mom to help pay our rent this month, but the double blow came when i found out how bad the exchange rate is. so now we're $40 short for rent. i made simon call the rental agency because i am just too frazzled.

i came back to the house and started photoshopping the lucksmiths photos. (is photoshopping a verb?) they were supposed to be finished this afternoon, and there are many to do. and, of course, i am a perfectionist in this regard and could spend hours and hours in photoshop just working on the tiniest details.

then i got a call from the modeling agency, asking if i could go to a casting this afternoon for a $10,000 department-store campaign. and could i make myself look like amelie? then i had to tell her about my hair. ha ha ha. i'm going anyway, but the agency is going to call and tell them about my hair before i get there. how crazy is that?

i called crouchy at candle records and told him the photos will be done this weekend, not today. that's one tiny bit of stress pushed aside. then the temp agency called and asked if i could work next week. i said yes.

i feel stretched too thinly. the house is a mess - well, at least everywhere i've been. the bedroom and study have been declared disaster areas.

i think most of my time has been sucked up by public transport. i love public transport, but it took me nearly two hours each way to get to the job interview yesterday. simon thinks it would only take me 30 minutes by car. i am starting to think that getting my victorian driver's licence will not be such a bad thing. well, if you don't count the cramming i will have to do in order to take the test. and who has time for that?

i am in need of some serious recreation this weekend. please feel free to send suggestions.

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