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January 11, 2003 - 9:08 a.m.

simon got the new job. before bed last night, i helped him fine-tune his resignation letter. i'd never actually seen a resignation letter before. i guess i'm so used to temp work that i never had to think about it. just saying "i quit!" is enough.

the new boss asked for him to start in a week, so i have a feeling that his current bosses are going to be pretty upset. he doesn't care, though, because the new job is 9-6, monday through friday, with a one-hour lunch break. he'll be full time with benefits (maybe he'll actually get to stay home for christmas this year!!).

the hourly rate is worse than what he's currently making, but the hours are more, so it ends up being a couple of extra thousand per year. instead of spending that time driving back and forth, he'll actually be working. there's opportunity for advancement, too, so he won't be stuck in front of a counter forever. yay.

now it's time for me to find a job...

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