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January 10, 2003 - 8:16 a.m.

i finished my government temp job yesterday, a day earlier than expected. i think it's because i type very fast, and i would rather get work done than draw it out just to make more money.

it turned out that the work left didn't even warrant another half day, so i stayed until 6pm last night to get it finished. it worked out well because simon was working a trial day for a new job until 6, and we got to ride the tram home together. it also means i have today off and can get cracking on more job stuff. i need to clean the house and make some sort of semi-impressive dinner before simon's friends alice and dan come over tonight, too.

simon and i rented the movie australian rules and really enjoyed it. i'd recommend it to you, too, faithful non-australian diaryland reader, but i think it would be a bit hard to understand for anyone not living in here. the first half hour was full of language that was just as easy to decipher as trainspotting, and there were lots of cultural references that haven't made their way overseas yet. if you were to have a hankering for recent aussie cinema, i'd politely point you toward lantana instead. quite splendid film, indeed.

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