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December 30, 2002 - 8:43 p.m.

spent the morning sending out job applications again. i would have done it sooner, but with the christmas break and all, there's really no point.

i understand taking a break, but it seems some corporations are really stretching it. simon has taken to calling the newspaper "the cigarette" over the past week because it's so lightweight and tightly rolled. i saw an ad that said the newspaper office won't be open to the public until january 6th. (simon's parents said that there would have been no paper during this time a few years ago, which flabbergasted me. newspapers are obligated to exist!) meanwhile, they're not printing any of the magazine-y supplements, my favorite aspect of the paper. i'm forced to read about more bushfires.

my modeling agency is also shut down until the 6th. this means that i won't be paid until january 10 for the job i did nearly three weeks ago. as a bonus, they'll be paying by check, which takes at least three days to clear. so we've had to ask simon's parents to cover rent again - albeit temporarily this time.

simon was home this morning, so we took an hour-long walk on the merri creek trail. it was really beautiful, but a place where i fear a young lady could easily be snatched. I'd only risk it with simon or a dog. maybe i'll quiz the neighbors and see if anyone needs their dog walked. or maybe i should just get a walking buddy.

my knees started hurting when we got home, so i jumped into bed (my preferred form of medication). when i woke up, i sat on the couch and ate a mango, cold from the refrigerator but perfectly ripe. it's been hot and muggy these past few days, so a cool, creamy mango is a delicious treat.

lately, simon and i have been eating sakata rice crackers like crazy. he bought some seaweed-flavored ones for christmas eve snacks, and i've been addicted ever since. sounds gross, i know, but they taste nothing like seaweed - more like sweet soy sauce. they have a great crunch and are nearly fat-free, which, of course, gives us an excuse to eat just that much more.

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