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January 03, 2003 - 2:18 p.m.

i got a haircut today, which was one hour of travel each way. i can't complain because the tram ticket only cost $5.20, and the haircut was free. i got to "read" the latest issue of cosmo, too, without having to pay or feel guilty about it.

things have been pretty boring around here. my main task has been organizing our office. i've been sorting and labeling negatives, getting things into files and applying for more jobs. wheeeeeeeee!

simon, on the other hand, has had a very exciting few days. yesterday, a three-year-old boy pooped in the back of the video store while simon was working the front counter. he found out when the kid's older sister ran up to her mum and yelled, "johnny's done a poo-poo!" fun times, eh? he said the mom didn't seem to have very good control over her kids. i wonder if she'll be a bit more authoritative now that she's had to clean up her child's feces in a public place. and you thought america had problems.

i started work on a mix tape for jo-anne and wanted to finish it last night. i really wanted to put a new song by machine translations on the tape, but i don't own the cd and am not in a position to spend money. simon came home and heard some of the tape. he said, "something from the new machine translations album would be perfect right here." that was enough excuse to buy it - that and the fact that he had received a $100 christmas bonus (cash) that day.

we went down to polyester records on brunswick street, only to find the cd was sold out. another more mainstream store had sold out, too, which i thought was really great (yay for good independent music!) and ironic. i wasn't expecting that store to even carry the record, much less sell out of it. (weirder still: they had it on their staff picks 2002 list.) we cut our losses and spent the money on dinner at the vegie bar instead. i picked up the new YOU bag, which is all in japanese, except for the names of a few bands. at least i'm guessing it's in japanese. i couldn't read it, so i wouldn't know.

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