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December 07, 2002 - 7:23 p.m.

i went to albert park today to see an all-ages show with the lucksmiths and the salteens. very fun, especially since there was no cigarette smoke. marty lucksmith's mum was there, too.

i wasn't sure if scott from the salteens would remember me. after all, those of you who were there can verify that he didn't spend a whole lot of time with me when he stayed at my house.
and he didn't exactly keep in touch afterward. so i went to say hi, and he yelled, "erin!" and gave me a giant hug. "i saw you in readymade!" he added, which was very strange, indeed.

after the show, the luckies and i made arrangements for me to sneak into their recording sessions this week. i'll be taking photographs, possibly for the upcoming cd booklet. i said goodbye and walked to south melbourne beach, which was a convenient one-minute walk away, with perfect beach weather to boot.

i turned on my phone and listened to a message received while at the show, letting me know that i'm allowed to bring a dictionary to monday's editing test. little do they know that i own the mother of all dictionaries and plan to use it. heh heh heh.

on the way home, i bought the lonely planet guide to australia so i can study their language style for the test. i realized that it's saturday and simon is working, so i can eat whatever i want. i stopped in at burger king (which is usually called hungry jack's here, and for some legal reason is only allowed to be called burger king in select places) to try the "veggie burger supreme". not bad, but too heavy on the mayo. the onion rings were pretty tasty, tho.

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