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December 06, 2002 - 9:39 a.m.

i got a call back from lonely planet yesterday. !!! even the woman i spoke with mentioned that "every writer wants to work for lonely planet," so, needless to say, i was pretty excited that i made it to the first round.

i'll take a 25-minute editing test on monday, and if i pass, i head to a panel interview. whoa.

for those of you who don't know, lonely planet publishes, in my opinion, the best travel guidebooks around. i own the lonely planet guide to antarctica. (they now have one for the arctic, as well. who knew?) if i got this job, i would be editing said travel guides. not only does lonely planet have a great reputation, but the head office in melbourne has an on-site gym. i'm hoping it's one of those really progressive offices that offers naptime, too. but i don't want to get ahead of myself because i haven't taken the editing test yet and i don't want to be too disappointed if i don't pass.


i took the train out to meet simon near his work yesterday. we drove the extra half-hour or so to frankston to pick up some chairs i'd found at savers. i'd already paid for the chairs - i just needed to pick them up. so we got all the way there, only to find out i didn't bring the invoice. they would not let us take the chairs, even though we offered ID. never mind that simon's mobile number was listed on their copy of the invoice and simon had his mobile phone right there, so they could easily have called the number and confirmed that it was his. but no. instead, we had to drive almost two hours back home, chairless and hungry. not good.

i would have felt like the dumbest person of the day if not for simon leaving his wallet at the restaurant a few hours later. d'oh! we were both very tired and had a lot on our minds.

simon has the invoice and is going to attempt to pick up the chairs again, after he gets off work tonight. while he's doing that, i'll be at the bowling alley/bar taking pictures for melbourne magazine. which reminds me...

i sent the mag editor an e-mail yesterday, asking if the story was going to be printed. i wanted to make sure before i took photos, and i hadn't heard anything up to that point. i also let him know that i was interested in further work.

he sent me an e-mail saying that the story is slated for february (which means it won't come out until april) and that he'd pass along my work wishes to the rest of the staff. he also cc'd two staff members on this reply.

i got a phone call about 20 minutes later from someone named kathy at the magazine, asking where the photos were. apparently, while i had been trying to pry info out of steve, kathy had already begun designing my story and was wondering where the heck the pictures were. it was so serious that she told the receptionist to put my call through, no matter what she was doing. she actually hung up on her caller when i rang up! meanwhile, i'd been wondering if the story would ever be printed and was waiting for the word. a serious lack of communication. it's ok now, and i'm glad i decided to nose around instead of waiting to see the article in print.

i'll deliver the slides on monday morning, in person, which will be a good chance to meet the staff and grovel for more work. then i head to the editing test, about an hour away. then it's off to the hairdressers to dye my hair back to its natural black-coffee color. i'm sure that when i'm gainfully employed, i'll be wishing i had the freedom to attempt this kind of thing.

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